Commitment to Community

diaspora400s is a socially responsible brand with an emphasis on lending our support and knowledge to raise awareness of those less fortunate than us and help create ladders of opportunity for them. Born out of our love for our Caribbean community, our d4h non-profit community outreach, mentorship and sponsorship programs and partnerships are platforms to inspire thought leadership and innovation.

Giving Back

For those of us privileged enough to be able to move or return to the Caribbean it is important that we find ways to share our knowledge and business experience. To be part of the community and find ways to Give Back and help make a difference. Lending our support to drive the continued development of the Island. After all it is as much about what we can do for the Caribbean as what the Caribbean can do for us.

Dementia Awareness

dementia awarenss

An ongoing development project diaspora400s is currently involved in is Dementia awareness. There is a combination of cultural, economic, social and political reasons which explain why mental health has long been neglected in the Caribbean region. Socio-economic circumstances have allowed for poverty, income inequality, unemployment and poor healthcare to become major contributing factors in mental health decline. Unsurprisingly an illness which receives little support and investment has been in the area of dementia, its awareness and care.

A lack of understanding, training, social stigmas and taboos are still major obstacles in the reporting, diagnosis and treatment of dementia within the Caribbean community. Which is why we have begun connecting with grassroots and community-led dementia/Alzheimers associations and organisations both in the Caribbean and the UK who, due to a lack of funding, have had to assume responsibility as key actors in providing dementia awareness, training and support.