The Brand

diaspora400s about us

Created in 2019 by our founding partner Sebastian Isaacs and led by creative director Travis Richards, a well known branding and marketing guru, here at diaspora400s we're not just selling a product, we’re promoting AfroCaribbean positivity and cultural identity. The introduction of our hugely popular diaspora island shirts has proven to be a great launch pad in our celebration of island pride.

Our brand philosophy is centred around our 4 core values: Heritage, Cultural Awareness, Pride in Self and Extend the Knowledge. With strong brand awareness and a rapidly increasing worldwide active customer base, wearing a diaspora T-shirt is a positive way for us to acknowledge each other and our shared AfroCaribbean heritage, united by our brand motto "its not where you live, its where you're from".

Why the established date 1502”?, well this date marks one of the earliest known dates of slave ships crossing the Atlantic from Africa to the Caribbean.

So hit the streets, social events, bars, clubs and gyms wearing your diaspora t-shirt with Island pride. Show off your shirt on the next trip to the Caribbean or make a statement with one of our activism shirts. Inclusive to all, even if you’re not of African or Caribbean descent but simple love our brand, you too can wear diaspora, as your love of all things Caribbean makes you part of the d4h family.